How to Place an Order Placing an order for X-Force Negative Training Machine is simple, easy, and customer friendly

Kindly follow these simple instructions: 

1. Go to the X-Force products page where you can find the 14 different X-Force machines with specifications 
2. Choose the machines you wish to order and indicate quantity 
3. Choose the colors you wish to have for your chosen machines 
4. Write your contact information: Company name, complete address with city and country, contact number, and organization number if any including VAT number 
5. Send all these valid information to info@x-force.se Make sure that all the information you provide in your e-mail is 100% accurate. Please note that all information will be verified by our Order Department before we can agree to ship your order. 
6. All orders will be re-directed to countries where X-Force AB has distribution and partner representative. 
7. If this is the first time you are ordering from X-Force AB, please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures that will be sent to you after your order has been placed via e-mail.
8. Should you ever wish to talk to a person from our organization, 
don’t hesitate to contact us at +46 8 753 34 98 X-Force Stockholm headquarter