The Concept 3-1-5

X-Force is proud to introduce a completely new patented method for negative training and more strength as a result. The machines feature a radically different construction, which makes their feel unique – but, at the same time, understandably familiar for radically better results. 
The idea behind X-Force is simple. By tilting the weight stack 45 degrees on the positive motion; we’ve been able to supply a 40-percent heavier negative stroke. The training experience is the same as with a conventional machine, with smooth movements. 
In order to achieve optimum results in terms of muscle growth, improved joint structure health and stability in the shortest possible time, training intensity must be kept high and within the correct metabolic range. This means that failure to repeat the movement (muscle exhaustion) must be reached within 60 seconds, or the muscle cell will be forced to change its method of energy deliverance to one that bypasses the uses of oxygen (anaerobic) so that it instead produces lactic acid, which lowers muscle power output. Avoiding this change requires a special mindset: the trainee must work at a minimum of 80% of maximum power for one set only. 
In ordinary (concentric) dynamic strength training one is expected to complete eight to twelve repetitions before reaching failure. In X-Force training, thanks to a high inroad (the inroad of a given training system is its capacity to exhaust muscles); the trainee can expect to reach failure in five to eight repetitions. In order to ensure the involvement of all three phases of muscular action (concentric, static and eccentric) we recommend a 3-1-5 approach. That is, three seconds of concentric work followed by one second of static work, and then five seconds of eccentric work. This is only a guideline to help the trainee understand and appreciate the distinct phases. 
When training like this the trainee will feel in control but will very quickly become totally exhausted. He will not, however, experience the usual pain associated with reaching the ‘sticking point’. In conventional training trainees will normally warm up with a full body cardiovascular activity (running, biking, skipping, etc.) followed by some light resistance movement for each major muscle group. The X-Force approach differs in that trainees perform only one set to failure for each exercise.
Training should also always be progressive. It should be possible to perform, with good form, eight repetitions for any particular exercise. The resistance should then be increased by 2-5% in the next workout. The trainee should strive to increase the work load or number of repetitions in each workout. However each muscle group should be worked a maximum of two times every 10-15 days in order to avoid overtraining 
Building a really strong body can be compared to erecting a building – you need at least three pillars to guarantee stability. Those already familiar with training philosophy will know that physical training must also be combined with rest and sound nutritional intake.