Do we need muscles?

The need for efficient strength training: do we really need muscles? 

The causes of 80% of work related injuries are to be found within the musculoskeletal system: 
  • Muscular atrophy: muscle that is not used vigorously on a regular base is gradually broken down 
  • Pre-weakening of stabilising muscles: leading to overloading of the joints 
  • Cartilage growing thinner: leading to more frequent joint injury 
  • Overuse of remaining muscle fibres: leading to chronic pain 
Strength training counteracts this – it gives us: 
  • The means to maintain or increase muscle mass 
  • Stronger bones – a stronger skeleton 
  • Thicker and firmer cartilage 
  • Increased metabolism 
  • Improved fat metabolism 
  • Lowered blood sugars 
  • Lowered blood fats 
  • Lowered blood pressure 
  • Improved back strength – by strengthening stomach muscles 
  • Reduced risk for joint wear that leads to joint pain 
  • Improved flexibility, strength and stamina 
  • Faster, more efficient healing