The X-Force training equipment is composed of 14 different training machines from the upper body to lower body negative strength training exercise. The ingenuity of the X-Force training equipment is a patented, tilting weight stack that unloads the positive phase and then overloads on the negative phase. The X-Force training equipment supplies negative-accentuated exercise 40-percent negative resistance compared to the positive. 
The X-Force machine exercise your muscles on both ways, thus you spend less time exercising. It is more time effective training exercise because training with negative as research clearly supports that negative (eccentric training) significantly improves muscular size and strength. Strength training especially with negative or eccentric training is one of the most important exercises that help build muscles and make our body and bones stronger. 
Training with negative eccentric exercise, the muscle lengthens while it is kept under tension. The negative loads are greater; the muscles fatigue and reach failure sooner. 
The X-Force machine is the only negative training machine exercise with real weight stacks on the market today. It delivers far better and effective results, that provides both concentric positive and negative eccentric with 40% extra resistance on the negative phase than any other machines today.