Made in Sweden 

A country of engineers 

Forty years have passed since the initial discovery of the benefits of negative training, but without a machine to match the challenge. 

Until now. 

By tilting the weight stack 45 degrees on the positive motion, we’ve been able to achieve 40 percent heavier adverse movement. And create a machine that feels just like a traditional machine, with the same smooth movements. 
X-Force. Yet another invention in the long tradition of Swedish innovation. 
Because our patented invention will change the concept of training, we have not left anything to chance in choosing our partners. Sweden is a country whose prosperity has always been dependent on engineers. Something that has led to many inventions, such as the wrench, zipper, dynamite, ball bearing, pacemaker, ship propeller and much more. For that reason, there are also many large industrial Swedish companies. Although Sweden is a small country with only nine million inhabitants, it is in fact the birth place of, for example, fighter aircrafts, Volvo, Sony Ericsson, IKEA furniture, BAE Systems Bofors, SKF and much more. 
If you can produce oil rigs, you can make gym equipment. 
It was natural for us to find our partners on our Scandinavian home ground. With a patented invention that will rock the foundation of training, we have not left anything to chance. In choosing our suppliers, we have focused on industrial design and advanced manufacturing rather traditional manufacturing of training equipment. We found what we were looking for in Design Company Hareide-Designmill, which has experience in advanced industrial design for clients such as Volvo, Wolverine snowmobiles, Brudeli Leanster innovative three-wheel motorcycles and more. For production, our partner companies, for example, which produces highly advanced components for oil rigs, machines for Tetra Pak (world leading packaging company), petrol pumps, traffic safety systems and all sorts of other products requiring high quality and accurate precision. 
So when you buy X-Force machines, you are also buying several hundred years of engineering and world-class design. It is a guarantee of quality that you will not find from any other manufacturer. X-Force and Hareide-Designmill work in close collaboration so you get the full strength of our abilities.