Fitness 365 and Premium Fitness 365 
Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

“These machines are great way to work-out, you feel the burn in muscles you normally don’t use. The counter weight makes you feel like you are really getting an intense work-out.” - Mark Hooijmans, 23 y.o. Amsterdam, the Netherlands- “Its very tempting to train harder than necessary, too bad I couldn’t move for 2 days afterwards.” 
- Mike de Tombe, 39 y.o. Amsterdam, the Netherlands- 

“ I have experienced that I build more muscles when exercising with X-Force machines. I have been working-out with X-Force now for a couple weeks. But I can already feel more result than working with normal machines, because it works in two ways. Really great machines!” 
- Philip de Leeuw, 30 y.o., Amsterdam, the Netherlands- 

Mainline Health & Fitness Centre 
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA 

“Of pants and X-Force. Okay, so I’m no john Steinbeck, but I need to write about pants. Specifically, mine. Upon retrieving those worn last winter from the attic and attempting to wear them again (after over a year of X-Force training), I discovered that not only are they loose in the waste, but also in the derriere. Let me assure you, this isn’t because I deprived myself of food (although I am careful about what I eat) or because of X-Force. ½ hour per week. The best, most comprehensive, deeply strengthening workout you’ll find anywhere. And no, I’m not on a payroll of MLHF. I’m just passionate about this because it’s done such great things for me. It will do great things for you, too. Try it, You’ll thank me. 
- Jodie Levine Brown, 50 y.o. West Chester, Pennsylvania 

“I think I was the first members to try X-Force machines at MLHF. I agree wholeheartedly with Roger Schwab’s observations. An X-Force workout trains one´s muscles at such a deep level. You feel materially different the next day.” 
- Robert Elwood, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania USA- 

“Today I had my fourth session using X-Force machines and I get stronger every session, which is amazing to me. I have never felt physically better as since I’ve started adding X-Force once a week to my once a week yoga class at MLHF. My entire workout took 50 minutes. I can feel my oxygenated blood surging!” 
- Bonnie Sonder, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- 

Hideaway Fitness & Spa 
Danderyd- Stockholm Sweden 

“Att musklerna jobbar mer än tidigare. Träningsmaskiner jag har kört, klarar inte samma vikter men får samma resultat” 
- Mejsam Dehgan 32 år, Stockholm, Sweden 

“Jag tycker maskinerna är bra och fräscha, det känns som att man bygger muskler, jag har tränat på X-Force i ca ½ år och känner resultat"
- Alma Renqvist Edelsohn, 19 år, Stockholm, Sweden- 

“Får mig att göra mitt yttersta, gör det lätt att träna, smidiga och lättanvända.” 
- Susanne Rooker, 31 år, Stockholm, Sweden 

“Maskinerna är snygga och ergonomiskt utformade känns som att man jobbar mindre
fast får bättre resultat.”
- Robin Gustafsson, 26 år, Stockholm, Sweden 

Gainesville Health & Fitness Center
Gainesville, Florida USA 

“I was the oldest participant in the study - 68, recently turned 69 - and have been very lucky to enjoy good health almost all of my life. I remember putting my hands out begging Dr. Darden to include me in the study on his third pass at that Sunday night meeting and he did! Hooray! I love the X-Force machines, not only because they are from Sweden (my grandparents, Hilda and Nils, immigrated to the US. I've been there three times and our 4 sons all have Swedish names), but because I love the idea behind them. Mats were a genius to create them. I love the feeling that if I can do the positive part of the rep, I know I will be able to complete the negative part. In fact, I like getting help on the positive part occasionally and then working like mad to hold it back, hold it back. My husband sometimes does this for me as did some of the trainers during our workout sessions in the study. My husband, Gene, participated in the diet part of the study and we each lost 25 lbs. while gaining much desired muscle. One motivation for my wanting to join the study was that in January 2011, we had two-month-old little grandchildren, tvillingor (twins), whom I wanted to be able to carry in a Baby Bjorn and/or just be able to pick up easily. And the X-Force machines definitely helped me with that. Even though they now weigh over 20 lbs. each, they are still easy for me to pick up. I enjoyed meeting Mats in December where I spoke my limited Swedish with him; he seems to be a very nice man. I am also so grateful to Joe Cirulli for investing in the X-Force machines for without him, many, many members would not enjoy the quality of life that they do - and that certainly includes Gene and me. I have never felt as old as my chronological age says I am and exercising is definitely a part of that. X-Force machines should definitely be a part of a "young at heart" person's exercise regime; it's not only for the young!” 
- Beverly Ryerson, 69 y.o. Gainesville, Florida- 

X-Force Factory Fitness 
Norrköping, Sweden 

“Träningen går fortare, känns effektivt och roligt. 
- Magnus Dahlgren, 46 år, Norrköping, Sweden- 

“Lätt att ställa in, ger mig utmaningar, utmaning (har inte gillat maskiner tömt) känner mig starkare och mår bättre.” 
- Viveca Erenius, 47 år, Norrköping, Sweden- 

“Mjuka rörelser, tröttare I musklerna jämfört med andra maskiner, effektivitet, snabbt klar.” 
- Kennet Fingal, 42 år, Norrköping, Sweden- 

“Att jag behöver träna före maskiner för att uppleva samma trötthet som tidigare- därmed kortare tid. Känns effektivare och roligare!” 
- Gunilla Käll, 52 år, Norrköping, Sweden- 

“Mycket bra och lättanvända maskiner som snabbt ger resultat utan skaderisk.” 
- Rolf Arildsson, 64 år, Norrköping, Sweden 

Exersuisse Zurich, Switzerland 

“Exersuisse is the leader in healthy strength training operating 18 fitness centres throughout Switzerland. Fitness equipment since mid-2011 includes X-Force machines for eccentric strength training. Each of the 18 Exersuisse centres is now equipped with six eccentric machines. “It means our clients can now get a full eccentric body workout for abdomen, legs, chest, back and biceps,” - Roger Vock, Managing Director of Exersuisse, says. The eccentric machines are an excellent addition to our current equipment and are highly popular with our Swiss clientele, as they achieve optimum results in terms of muscle strength and growth. Or in the words of a client: “I initially used a conventional machine to work on my abs, and for a long time I could not get past a training weight of 110 to 120 pounds. Switching to the eccentric machine I immediately saw progress and am now training with weights of 140 pounds. It goes to show that the eccentric machines do in fact help to build strength. There is much more going on in the body with them. The training effect is remarkable.” 
- One of the members of Exersuisse, name withheld, Zurich, Switzerland-

Eze Fitness Gym Darby, United Kingdom 

“ So far, my experience has been positive. Using X-Force combined with free weights has been great and really advanced my training. They are easy to use and I love the 3-1-5 formula.” 
- Lenny V Davis, 49 y.o., Derby, UK- 

“I find X-Force very useful and have really helped me get into the best shape of my life…Thank you!” 
- Godfrey Williams, 47 y.o., Derby, UK- 

“I used to do a lot of free weight training but needed a partner for negative rep sessions- with X-Force I can do it when training alone. It has also helped me to go very heavy with leg extensions.”
- Matthew Richards, 40 y.o., Derby, UK- 

“I’ve gained strength using negative training…. and it didn’t take long! It has also really improved my posture.” 
- Gordon Ash, 22 y.o., Derby, UK- 

“My experience with X-Force for around 12 months. The machines are really easy to use (after about a week of getting used to the formula) and allow me to have real control of my workouts.”
- Andy Probert, 46 y.o., Derby, UK- 

“I find them easy to use and good for toning. Great!” 
-Vick Riley, 42 y.o., Derby, UK- 

“The X-Force machines are very good, and very different, I really feel the benefits.” 
- James Paton, 22 y.o., Derby, UK- 

”My first session using 3-1-5’s new X-Force equipment was brilliant, I learned a lot about how the equipment works and the theory behind how it offers far more benefit than your standard gym equipment. My overall aim, as I mentioned last time, was to improve my general core strength and to add a bit of bulk to my overall size. Having lost a lot of weight, I want to nip in at the right places and something appears to be happening! Due to Easter print deadlines, I was unable to report back after my second session, which saw me up the ante a little! The machines are so simple to use and, to be fair, guide you through the exercise from start to finish. Out of all the machines I have used, I would say that the abdominal crunch machine is my favourite. As someone who has battled with weight for many years, I have always been very conscious of my stomach. I found it was the hardest part of the body to lose weight from but using the ab machine at 3-1-5 has actually seen some drastic improvements in my waistline after only 3 weeks! I managed 10 repetitions on a weight that wasn’t easy but if you’ve ever been on a health-kick, you will know that you get out exactly what you put in. I’m increasing the weight on each machine by around 5-10kg each week also which I am very pleased with and I’m also noticing a big improvement on my explosive energy when playing squash and out mountain biking! If I am completely honest, I was slightly sceptical about the equipment and the promises made about how after just 6 weeks you can shed substantial weight but I can honestly say I am seeing considerable improvements on my overall size and strength and more importantly, I feel amazing! Day to day life is so much more pleasant when people who you haven’t seen for a few weeks ask me if I’m losing weight again. I would genuinely recommend trying this equipment out for yourselves, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require the same amount of time as using standard weights three to four times a week so fits in with peoples busy schedules far more easier. Week three will see me upping the weight again, no pain no gain!” 
-Jonathan Eighteen, 32 y.o. Derby, UK-  

X-Force Factory Lidköping, Sweden 

“Otroligt bra maskiner. Har man skadar på kroppen fungerar det utmärkt att träna då det är mjuka långsamma rörelser. Samtidigt som man kan köra tungt får man bra rörelser utan att överbelasta. Jag har tränat I hela mitt live men känner mig starkare än någonsin efter bara 5 månader på X-Force.”
- Peter Linden, 56 år, Lidköping, Sweden- 

“Negative Träning med X-Force maskinerna har givit mig ett positivt lyft I min träning. Det känns bättre I musklerna efter ett pass med negative träning I jämförelse med att köra vanliga traditionella bas övningar som man gjorde på Arnolds tid.”
- Christian Nilsson, 33 år, Lidköping, Sweden- 

“X-Force maskinerna gör det enkelt och roligt att träna. Man tränar hela kroppen utan att det tar en evighet. Märkte snabbt skillnad på både uthållighet, styrka och framförallt min kropp. En tränings möjlighet för alla.”
- Stina Fahlgren, 25 år, Lidköping, Sweden- 

“Har provat allt, på riktigt, har inte lyckats gå ner I vikt på 20 år med X-Force negative träning LYCKADES jag med det omöjliga… efter första årets träning hade jag tappat 13 kg och dessutom ökat muskelmassan rejält!! Så tacksam och glad!” 
- Patrik Keihag, 45 år, Lidköping, Sweden- 

“Jag har upplevt ett snabbare resultat vad det gäller att bygga muskler än tidigare. Man behöver inte träna lika länge och ofta för att uppnå denna effekt mot fria vikter. Är väldigt nöjd med X-Force maskinerna.” 
- Mia Keihag, 47 år, Lidköping, Sweden-