Mats Thulin - founder

Mats Thulin is the CEO and President of X-Force AB, which he founded in 2008. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Mats Thulin is an excellent, successful entrepreneur and professional businessman. He has held key positions in several companies in the Fitness Industry since 1981. 
Thulin has owned and operated over the last 30 years, 127 fitness centers throughout Scandinavia. He had followed the development of all kinds of strength machines all these years. According to Mats’ observation, there are several developments on design that had been introduced in the market and yet those machines do not give an effective result that are already known and accepted in the industry. Therefore, that prompted Mats Thulin to invent and introduce X-Force to the fitness market. 
Mats Thulin’s knowledge of club management, devotion to exercise physiology, and grasp of engineering - in conjunction with the design help of a Swedish automotive team- the X-Force training machine was brought to the market. 
X-Force machines - the beginning of a new era in strength-training equipment! 
Welcome to the world of X-Force!