Why X-Force?

We asked a well-known exercise scientist and bestselling author, Dr. Ellington Darden, to evaluate our machine and method. Here’s what he concluded: 

In comparison to traditional weight-training machines, X-Force has a number of advantages. 

  1. Inroad. Because of the depth of inroad and the shorter time it takes to reach muscular failure, X-Force is more efficient. 
  2. Stimulation. A more efficient inroad equates to enhanced muscular size and increased strength. 
  3. Flexibility. To accentuate the negative allows more effective back pressure in the flexed position and more effective stretching in the extended position. Together, this contributes to full-range movement and improvements in joint flexibility. 
  4. Control. With X-Force, the trainee has solo control during both the positive lifting and negative lowering. There is no need for spotters or assistants to help with the performance of any repetition. 
  5. Safety. Accentuating the negative requires that each lowering phase be performed smoothly and slowly. And since the positive is always 29 percent less than the negative phase, the user can transition from negative and positive without straining into the next lowering phase. X-Force promotes better form and safety. 
  6. Rehabilitation. Because of more control, better form and safer conditions, X-Force is a valuable means of treating and working around injuries. 
In the final analysis, whatever an individual’s goals are with resistance training, X-Force can more efficiently provide beneficial results.